Here is our Motorhome.  Michael brought her home from Pheonix in Late April.  He had actually flown down to look at a Toyota Seabreeze mini-motorhome that was advertised as – in mint condition- only to find that it was a POS.  He telephoned me to have me search online for other C-class Motorhomes to look at so that the trip would not be wasted.   He rented a car and proceeded to visit many of the used RV dealerships in Pheonix.   One of the ones I found on-line was our 1995 Ford Jamboree Searcher that was offered by a private seller.  It had just been brought over from California and had a new paint job and only 39,000 miles.  She has a Ford 460 engine and gets 8 – 12 mpg. He brought her home and proceeded to make her pristine.  He had new linoleum and carpet installed by Don Coughlin and our friend Eileen reupholstered the cushions.  He also remodeled the shower enclosure and has fixed and modified a dozen other little things to make her a home.   We call her Creampuff!

Creampuff1Creampuff2Our LivingroomMisty Creampuff in Trinidad



  1. Enjoyed the update!

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