Dancing Dolphin

She is a 1998 35ft Victory Catamaran. Her Name is Dancing Dolphin.  We decided to leave her name intact.  Removing and Replacing it would be quite an endeavor and the original name would probably still show through.  It is a beautiful name for a beautiful boat.  Her home port has been changed to Pagosa Springs, CO.   She had been used by her previous owners, a family from PA,  for occasional trips to the Bahamas.   They had outfitted her with good equipment but much of it was showing it’s age.   We have spent our time learning her systems, cleaning and scrubbing, and generally making her look and feel new again.   We replaced the old carpet in the salon, Scrubbed her top to bottom, inside and out.  Replaced the battery bank, added a solar panel, repaired the wind generator, Replaced anchor rode,  Repaired Autohelm,  Installed SSB Radio,  Oiled all Teak,  Polished all chrome,  Replaced the locking cable to the outdrive.  Cleaned and repainted the outdrive.  Replaced the Propeller.  New bottom Paint. etc. etc. etc.  Needless to say we have been busy making her into our new home.   She is clean and beautiful again and will take us in comfort all around the Caribbean for the next couple of years.



  1. It’s so beautiful!! I can’t wait to come sailing with you guys!

  2. Nice ride ya’ll!!! The conch looks real tasty too. I finally got your blogspot addy and thought I’d drop you a line. The Bro’ has moved himself to Seattle (yes, I have an oppinion about that as well) I’ve managed to get work through the spring. Many hours but not great pay. In any case it has enabled me to purchase a Bayliner Buccaneer 220 to begin my endeavour towards sailing the “seas” as the two of you have begun. It comes with a slip at Navajo Reservior and has been well cared for. In the proccess of acquiring a solar array and the deep cell batts. to go with it. You know how I like my music… There was a REAL bad cold (illness) that has gone (is going) through Pagosa as well. I experienced many of the same symptoms as Mike and missed work three (3) days becuase of it. Haven’t been that sick in many years. Glad to know that Mike is healthy once again. Well, travel in good spirits and keep in touch as time warrents. I trust that you’ll be able to reverse course at some time and find your way back north. All the best from here in the “land of ice and snow”. Peace, David

    P.S. I’m thinking of naming my ride “Love 4 Sail”


    How’s about “Miss Guided” lol outta here…

  3. Boy are you guys getting me in trouble. I had a sailor propose this very adventure to me. I am a mountain girl! Who knew! I sent him your link and I will probably never hear the end of it.

    Have fun for the four of us!


  4. Hey I just found your website! Enjoying your adventures as we sit here in sunny florida with Kinvara on the hard for huricane season. Might go to the Carribbean next winter or just do the florida Keys. Happy (almost) anniversary. We follow Persephone too but never hear back from them. hope things are well. Enjoy the adventure!!

  5. yo mike and crystal
    hello from alb, new mexico

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