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After 8 years together we finally were married June 20th, 2009.  Oldieweds!   We transferred our businesses to our most faithful of employees,  rented the House,  Sold almost all of our belongings and Left Pagosa Springs July 5th for an Extended Honeymoon in our Motorhome and then on to the East Coast to find a boat.  We will outfit her to live aboard and spend the next couple of years traveling the Caribbean. We hope you will join us on our adventures.



  1. We are so so so so Happy you Folks are together and on the move. Having been their 2 times we know just how scary it is to get down to a checkbook and a boat or motor home, and slide out of town and over the horizon. We will follow your adventures with great anticipation.
    We have incite into the area around Seattle and the San Juan islands, so keep us in mind, and we will pass along info when you get closer. You might find http://www.mooring.com interesting, look under the Pacific North West, San Juan Islands. It may be an opportunity for Mike to show off his skills as a sailboat Captain.

  2. First off, let me say how sorry I was not to be able to make it to your wedding. I was in Sumatra, of all places doing an extended piece on Orangutans and couldn’t be there – I was bummed about that.
    Then, angry at myself for not tracking you down once I returned. I look at your pics and must say that I’m SO jealous. Good for you guys.
    Safe and happy sailing my good friend. You’re so lucky…

    hank and trudy.

  3. Hi, nice to meet you !

  4. Hi guys

    Carol and I have been trying to latch on to your web site for a long time. Yesterday Josh was here and finally gave us the correct address. Carol and I are looking forward to getting caughjt up on your adventures. Be Safe
    Russ and Carol Jenna, Pagosa Springs, CO

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