Posted by: bearcruzer | March 30, 2011

Cindy & Kerry’s Visit

Crystal’s sister Cynthia and her wonderful boyfriend Kerry joined us at the end of February.    With their adventurous and outgoing personalities they explored the beautiful beaches of St. John & soon knew their way around the hotspots of Love City.  They  were on a first name basis with many of the locals within a few days.   Mike and I were able to get a couple of extra days off on a weekend so we all sailed over to the BVI’s, Jost Van Dyke to experience the local flavor of the infamous Foxy’s & the Soggy Dollar Bar.   We soaked up a little too much flavor that day and Cindy’s camara took the brunt of it when it, along with Cindy went for an unexpected salt water swim.     Back on St. John while Mike and I worked, Cindy and Kerry decided they would hitchhike out to Coral Bay and hike out to the battery where a cluster of old Dane cannon are lying on the ground amidst the stone walled ruins.   They were picked up by a wonderful long time local, Georgia Wells.   When she heard they were planning on hiking out to the battery,  she took them on a personal tour of the battery and the ruins of the soldiers quarters as well.    Mike and I planned on meeting them at Skinny Legs after work.  When we arrived we found Cindy , Kerry, Georgia and a number of our other friends all gathered around a large picnic table, enjoying a few drinks and swapping stories.    It was a wonderful visit.   Kerry was rarely seen without a huge smile.

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