Posted by: bearcruzer | February 14, 2011

Family Visit #1

Funny, as soon as we went back to work… began to visit.    It has been a real treat to see familiar faces from home again, even though our time with you is limited.   One of the hardest things about cruising is being so far away from you all.   Our first visitors arrived in January.  Michael’s stepdad Vince and Mike’s Aunt and Uncle,  Barb and Glen Berndt.    Mike’s Mom Lori was also expected but as life so often does, it took an unexpected turn when Mike’s sister Kathy was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  Lori flew out to Colorado to be with Kathy while she underwent surgery.    Vince, Barb, and Glen, did their best to explore the island and carry the stories of our fun time together, back to share with her.

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  1. About time we heard from you both. Thought we lost contact. Glad to hear your doing well. Whats the new phone and address?

  2. hey nice to hear you guys didn’t fall off the face of the earth!! Send us your address. Glad all is well.

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