Posted by: bearcruzer | December 21, 2010

Our lowly state…

Months have passed and no word from s/v Dancing Dolphin, one can only think the worst.    Has she met with foul play?  Perhaps blown off course by a gale, sent to Davey Jones Locker by the mighty Neptune or   dashed against the rocks marooning Mike and Crystal on some deserted Island?    Sorry to tell you No, although it would make for a much better story.    The reality of our situation is actually much, much worse.  We have chosen to plug back into society for a while and are currently living and working in the US Virgin Islands.   Here is a brief recap of how we ended up in this lowly state, although I don’t think I am going to solicit much pity form those of you experiencing freezing temperatures.    We have spent the last few months caring for the home and cats of our dear friends Chris and Elsa Angel who have been in the states dealing with health issues.   Chris offered Mike a job working as an electrician in addition to the house sitting position.   I stumbled into my job while we were riding the ferry to St. Thomas to look for a vehicle (a story unto itself).  Our friend James Clayton M.D. just happened to be looking for a medical assistant for one of his Doctors.   Right place, right time.  I did an impromptu interview and was hired and working 3 days later.   God works in mysterious ways.  We have spent a couple of months plugging back into society.  We have opened a checking account at a local bank picked up a P.O. Box for mail, and are considering getting a local discount card for the market here.   What a strange feeling to have to jump so many hoops and to learn a whole new set of rules to fit back into society after living free spirited and independent for so long.   “You’ll need two forms of picture ID for most transactions.”  You CAN drink and drive, but make sure you have your seatbelt on, and don’t even think of answering you cell phone while driving! (Oh yea, we have one of those now too!)  I miss my life aboard DD where the most difficult decision was whether to read 1st then snorkel  or vice versa.    I don’t mind though.  The people that I work with are some of the coolest and most professional people I have encountered.  Mike seems to be enjoying working again too.  Chris’s foreman is competent and kind and runs the business much like Mike ran BearWire.

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