Posted by: bearcruzer | December 21, 2010

Arrival on St. John

Mike and I made our way to Great Cruz Bay on St. John and picked up a mooring near our friends Ken and Katy on s/v Diana.   We will spend the winter here taking care of our friends Chris and Elsa Angels’ house and their cats until they return from the States in early April.   We have spent the last couple of weeks getting reacquainted with life on the rock or as s/v Daniel Storey likes to call us…..CLOD’s  Cruisers Living On Dirt.    Mike has reconnected with a number of old friends and we have made quite a few new ones thanks to introductions by Ken and hitchhiking from the house down to town while we looked for a vehicle.    Michael is working again for Angel Electric and I am working as a Medical Assistant in a Family Practice.   I came by the position by chance as we were riding the ferry to St. Thomas.   We ran into an old friend Dr. James Clayton who owns and operates 3 family practice clinics, 2 on St. Thomas and one on St. John.  He asked if I was looking for work.   I did an on the spot impromptu interview with his office manager in the Red Hook Clinic and was working within a couple of days.     I will be working mostly in the Red Hook but will rotate occasionally into the other 2 clinics and work primarily under Dr. Mark Livingston.   We purchased a Car on St. Thomas that ran for all of 2 days before it decided to begin acting up.   We had to negotiate with the Car Dealer to get a different car.   We are did our best to get into the Christmas spirit.  We attended a great Christmas performance by the St. John Singers in the old Moravian Church.  There are a number of houses sporting Christmas Lights and decorations.  But truthfully, it just seems wrong to see a plastic snowman under a palm tree.   I put up our little table top Christmas tree that I had on the boat last year here at the house.    We have 3 days off together and so perhaps we will hop aboard DD and go for Christmas cruise.    S/V Daniellstorey, s/v Sanctuary, and s/v Diana and all here in the neighborhood and so we will try to plan to spend some time with them over the holidays.   Many of our friends and family are happy that we are settled down in one place for a bit and we have plans for visits from a number of them already.   We are looking forward to seeing them all.  It has been nearly a year since our last visit with anyone from home.   I am missing our traveling adventurous life on the boat but working again is opening up other opportunities.   It also makes me appreciate that much more my time off and the subtle pleasures this Island life offers.



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