Posted by: bearcruzer | November 30, 2010

Time to move!

Nov 9th – 10th

As happens more and more frequently,  Mike decided, today was the day and now was the time, to get on the move north.   We said a quick farewell to our friends on s/v DaniellStorey and s/v Diana who do not find our impromptu decisions unusual in the least.   We checked out and left La Marin within a couple hours and traveled up the leeward coast of Martinique to the little town of St. Pierre.   It used to be called the Little Paris of the Caribbean but was destroyed by a volcanic eruption in 1902.  The only survivors out of 29,935 people were a man who happened to be in his cellar and a prisoner who was in a windowless jail cell.   Much of the town is built upon the ruins of the old city.    We arrived just before sunset and anchored just south of the main dock.   The swell was rather large but was supposed to be subsiding over the next few hours.   We had just enough time to drop Mighty Mouse and take a quick jaunt into town for some great sunset photos from the boardwalk.    With the swells it took a bit of maneuvering and some timing to climb from the dingy onto the dock but we managed alright.   We walked a bit enjoying the ambiance of this quaint little laid back town.   We had a somewhat rolly night sleeping but by morning the swells had begun to subside and we were awakened early by the ringing of the church bells and the bustle of the residents of St. Pierre who are up and busy early in the morning.

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