Posted by: bearcruzer | November 30, 2010

Sailing Pink Waters

Nov 12th

We left Les Saintes before sunrise headed to Deshaise, Guadeloupe.  I love leaving at this time of day when the weather and waves are settled.      As we pulled away from the anchorage, the waters around the boat reflected the colors of the skies and we found ourselves sailing on a sea of pink.   The pictures don’t do it justice.   It was awe inspiring to watch the colors change and become even more beautiful and dramatic as the sun crept over the top of the Island behind us.    The sunrises out here,  take my breath away even more often than do the sunsets.    We arrived in Deshaise,  Guadeloupe around noon  and s/v Diana arrived a couple of hours later.   We spent the afternoon taking a walk around town and hiked up to the botanical gardens only to find that they wanted $20.00 US per person just to walk through them.   Not in the budget.  We walked back down the hill stopping at a small resort to snap a couple photos and then back into town where we picked up a couple of baguettes to take back to the boat.   We did not have any cash with us but Mike did have his CC.    When we placed our meager groceries on the counter we were informed we did not have the minimum purchase amount to use it.   So Mike in his wisdom sacrificed and grabbed a bottle of rum off the shelf to meet the minimum.  What we won’t do for a tasty baguette.

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  1. I think one day I will visit Les Saintes, very beautiful pics. We were sailing French Polynesia, the baguettes were incredible. At one anchorage, a tender pulled up alongside with fresh baguettes and pastries for sale, wonderful! The French know how to live! The best ham & cheese croissant with strawberry tart for breakfast!

  2. Hi Mike and Crystal
    I have really enjoyed seeing your travels, and am really happy for you you both.

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