Posted by: bearcruzer | November 30, 2010

Martinique Magnifique!

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Nov 4 – 8th

We reached La Marin, Martinique along with our friends on s/v DaniellStorey,  s/v Songbird, and s/v Diana.   We found that our wind indicator had been damaged by Hurricane Tomas and so we spent the next few days hauling Mike up and down the mast while he and Ken attempted to repair and reinstall it.    We have direction now but still no windspeed reading.   We also took this opportunity to reprovision our wine celler with French wines and stock up on the many of the wonderful cheeses and other delicacies we can only find in the French Islands.  On Sunday morning Michelle and I headed out for a walk.   We found ourselves meandering down a couple of side streets and through a quaint neighborhood.  We continued on over a hill into a beautiful little green valley with a small stream running through it.    We could see from a distance a road lined with royal palms and decided to head in that direction.   Michellle then spotted what she thought might be a Sandbox tree up on a hill across a pasture.   The Sandbox Tree has a seed that is naturally shaped like a dolphin and Michelle uses these in her jewelry making.    She asked me if I was adventurous and if I wanted to cross the pasture to check it out.   Me Adventurous!?      We hopped the fence hoping that there was not a large bull lurking somewhere out of site and proceeded to make our way across the field.  We had to ford part of the stream that ran through the valley but finally climbed the hill to the Tree.   It was indeed a Sandbox Tree but it did not have any seed pods on or around it.  Perhaps it only fruits at certain times of the year.   Michelle and I made our way back across field and stream and over the fence with only wet feet  and smiles to show for our efforts.    We walked back to town and along the beach where the local yacht club was having a get together.  They had food, and music playing.  Kids and Adults were taking turns sailing in the local boats around the harbor.    Everyone seemed to be having a great time.    We stopped off at the local crafts market and admired some of the work of a local Calabash artist and jewelry maker.  He and Michelle conversed in French.  Michelle is becoming more fluent every day.    I am very envious and have asked Mike for a French Phrase book so I can learn some before we return to these Islands.    It can be frustrating at times not knowing the words for common things and trying to figure out what we are buying in the grocery store is, much of the time, by trial and error.  Thanks to those of you who responded to my facebook request for useful French phrases.   Some of which might even come in handy.   Mike keeps asking me what things are when we are shopping, and I can only reply, “Your guess is as good as mine”.

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