Posted by: bearcruzer | November 30, 2010

Les Saintes

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Nov 11th

On to Iles des Saintes or more easily,  Les Saintes.    The light and shadows from the bow of DD caught my attention and I attempted to capture this alien yet interesting perspective it offered.   We buddy boated with s/v Diana and as always dropped our fishing lines in the water for the trip between islands.     We had one good hit but lost the fish.    Ken had a really big hit when a French Charter Catamaran cut sharply behind his boat just outside of Les Saints taking out both lines and lures including his new birthday lure.   We watched as it looked as though they then may have been having trouble with their steering which can happen when you have 200lb test around your rudders.    We saw them in the anchorage later and so assumed they had worked through the situation.    If my French was better, I would have attempted to see it they were able to salvage the lures they took from him.     Mike continued to work on the Wind Transducer and took a couple of shots from the top of the mast.     It was nice to be back in Les Saintes.     In my opinion it is the most picturesque of the French Islands.   The church bells ring on the hour.  The colorful buildings are all trimmed in gingerbread details and the walks and historical fortresses are all impressive and beautiful.

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