Posted by: bearcruzer | November 30, 2010

A Change in Plans

While staying in Martinique, we received an e-mail from Mike’s friend and ex-boss  Chris Angel on St. John.  He offered us a housesitting job and asked Mike if he was interested in working for a bit as an electrician again.    Chris was diagnosed with Cancer last summer shortly after he and Mike had raced in Foxy’s wooden boat regatta.   We had made the offer to them at that time to help them if they needed anything.     They had the situation covered but with the decision to remain in the United States to complete his chemotherapy he and Elsa thought they may be able to use our help after all.   It will help us out as well.   Not working for the last year and ½ along with numerous boat repairs, etc. has depleted the cruising kitty to an alarmingly low number.    Working through the winter on St. John should help us replenish the account a little and allow us to continue with this lifestyle for a bit longer.    Chris and Elsa plan on returning to St. John at the end of March or Early April at which time we plan on resuming our adventures.    So it’s back to the working world.    Yuck! The W word.   Not sure what I will do for work but it will be interesting living on land again.   Ken and Katy on s/v Diana who are from St. John and who have become good friends, offered us an extra mooring in Great Cruz Bay to keep DD on, so she will have a place to stay as well.      So north we go.    Home to St. John, at least for a little while.



  1. Thats too cool, I love St Johns! Pussers had a little bar in a sandy cove accross the street from the warf, my favorite drinking place in the world. Sad…I heard it burnt down!

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