Posted by: bearcruzer | November 15, 2010

Fishing Fiasco

Nov 4

A Sportfishing tournament hosted by the Rodney Bay Marina that had to be postponed during the hurricane did take place within a couple of days after the storm.   Mike got a few shots of the start of the tournament when the mass of boats took off from the bay in a cloud of diesel smoke and large wakes.  We would dred the mornings and afternoons when the teams of boats would leave or return to the marina as the large wakes would cause DD to rock violently at anchor.   We did enjoy listening to the radio transmissions from the Sports fishermen when they hooked up or landed a big fish.   When we left St. Lucia headed for Martinique we rigged our fishing lines and dropped them into the water.   The weather was a bit unpredictable and just as a big squall hit so did a fish on our line.   I yelled” fish on” and took the helm while Mike began reeling in the fish.       I can’t say we are as accomplished as those sports fisherman.    We proceeded through a comedy of errors to bring in our catch.   As the rain and wind pelted Mike he yelled “It feels big,  better get the gaff.”   I locked the wheel in place and went below to get the Gaff and when I returned to the cockpit DD was heading in a different direction.   I brought her back on course when the fish broke the surface and Mike yelled again “It’s got a Spike!”   Marlin, Swordfish, Sailfish?   In our excitement, we had completely forgotten the other line in the water and the fish proceeded to swim over it.   Now we had two lines to contend with.   Again I locked in the wheel and went to hold the fishing rod while Mike precariously climbed up the Davits and brought the other pole and line to the same side of the boat to untangle it from the first.    Again DD wandered off course in yet another direction.   This was repeated twice more when Michael said,  “I’m going to need my pliers”  and then “get me some gloves”.    I, of course, had to grab the camera to document this auspicious event.     Meanwhile back at the helm, DD continued behaving like a beagle off leash and at one point was even heading back in the opposite direction.  Our friends watching from their boats thought we must really be fighting something big to be making all these obscure maneuvers.    Mike finally brought the little Sailfish to the back of the boat and with gloves on and pliers in hand, released it.   It was tired but swam gratefully away.   This was the perfect example of a learning experience at its best.   Lesson 1) After locking in the wheel in place,  PRESS THE BUTTON to activate the Autohelm,  Duh!…..the boat will remain on course.    Lesson 2)  When one line has a fish on,  reel in the other so it doesn’t interfere with the first thus avoiding the need to perform death defying acrobatics in less than stellar conditions while your partner is frantically praying.      Lesson 3) Have everything needed to bring in a big fish or to release it, in the cockpit and at the ready so as not to have to rummage below, causing sudden bouts of stress induced Turrets’ Syndrome.     Or maybe just Don’t Fish when it is stormy out………Naaaaaaw!  Not an option!

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  1. What a thrill to land such a beauty, good job!!!

  2. Hey guys – I can’t find your email address on the website, so I’m writing you here. Please email me back so we can talk email to email. So…. We made it in record time, the good news. Major rough ride, the bad news. About 10 PM the wind came up to about 20. Perfect for downwind, but the swells weren’t swell, about 10 footers right on the beam, and kind of breaking. And no fish. Anyway, all’s well that ends well. Hope you’re enjoying les illes Francais. Enjoy it while you can. Being in America isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. Miss you guys. Love, K

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