Posted by: bearcruzer | November 2, 2010

Running for Cover

Oct 27&28, 2010

We arrived in Bequia at sunset on a holiday.    There are so many holidays in the Caribbean it is next to impossible to even attempt to keep track of them.   On the way up Ken on s/v Diana caught a nice Wahoo and so we enjoyed dinner with them aboard their boat.  We had planned on spending a couple of days in Bequia and reuniting with Marie and JP aboard m/v Domino but they were in Friendship Bay and we ended up in Admiralty Bay.   We spoke with them briefly and made plans to meet up the next day.    Well as they say, the best laid plans……etc.  We checked the weather and saw a BLOB…..that’s how we refer to unstable systems that form in the Atlantic.   This one was building quickly and was forecasted to move into the southern windward Islands possibly as a Tropical Storm by the end of the week.   We decided we would put some miles between us and the impending southern storm.  We called Domino and told them that thanks to the weather, we would see them up Island somewhere and headed up to St. Lucia where we were told there was a good hurricane hole in Rodney Bay.  We had a great sail up.  Both Diana and DD had hits on our fishing lines.  Ken pulled in a small Mahi and let it go.    We had a very big hit in the same area. Unfortunately, it hit on on our lighter weight line and rod and after running out the line for a ways it snapped the line and took our lure.    Ken got on the radio just after it happened and told us about his Mahi.  He uses a hand line with 200lb test and rigs it onto his boat with bungi cords.   It is obviously quite effective.   We will need to rig our reels with heavier line, 40lb test just won’t do anymore.    We swapped fishing stories and continued onto St. Lucia where we were greeted by our friends on DaniellStorey.   We exchanged ideas briefly with Dave, Michelle, Ken, and Katy, comparing notes on the impending Storm.  We agreed that if it decided to veer more northward by the next day we would all move into the protection of the Marina in Rodney Bay.  In the meantime I had better make a batch of BBQ Brownies, we may need comfort food in the coming days.



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