Posted by: bearcruzer | October 30, 2010

Pirate Attack!!!!

The same morning we left Grenada we picked up the end of a report on the Safety and Security Net regarding a cruising couple who were attacked by Pirates off the coast of Venezuela.   I did not catch the name of the persons attacked and so when we arrived in Tyrell Bay and were able to access the internet I found what I was looking for on Noonsite and was devastated to hear that it was our friends Ellen and Jim from s/v Boldly Go who we had last seen right here in Tyrell Bay where they had hauled their boat out to paint the bottom and do some repairs.  We had just been talking about them and wondering where they were.  You may recall from my previous blog entry on Carriacou a couple of months ago, I spoke about Ellen and I both growing up in Orange County and our fathers both working for the same company.     The only information I have regarding the incident is what I have read on the Noonsite page as follows:

Cruising yacht “Boldly Go”, crewed by Ellen and Jim Birrell, were attacked by pirates on 16 October 2010 at approximately N011 05.000 / W063 23.000 (4 1/2 hr sail west of Los Testigos en route to Porlamor) at 10:00 a.m. Venezuela time.  The couple were assaulted and held at gunpoint while the pirates ransacked “Boldly Go” taking all valuable items they could carry back in their 16′ pinero (wooden boat). Both Ellen and Jim are physically fine after their ordeal and are currently in Porlamor, Isla Margarita, at anchor,refitting their yacht and working with the GuardaCosta and Policia located in Pampatar, Isla Margarita (15 mins away).

I have emailed Ellen to see how they are holding up.   They are currently in Margarita, Venezuela.   They just replaced their notebook computer but will not be posting any information about their plans until they are well out of Venezuelan Waters.   They are having to replace all of their communication and navigation equipment before Boldly Go can safely leave.     Please keep them in your thoughts and prayers.



  1. Interesting! Glad you decided to head North.

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