Posted by: bearcruzer | October 30, 2010

Passing Time with good friends!

Over the course of this last 10 days we have enjoyed reuniting with many of our Grenada and Trinidad friends.   There have been a number of dinners and cocktail hours aboard each of our boats.  I have enjoyed being able to jump off the boat into clean water again.   Mike’s foot is healing well.    I hiked out to the Seven Sisters Falls again with Carl and Carrie of s/v Sanctuary to celebrate Carrie’s Birthday.  I had brought a few bananas with me and we stopped again at Monkey Point where we had a couple of greenback monkey come right up to us for their treats.  One even grabbed at Carries dress looking for more.     We were joined by John and Patty from s/v Anhinga who I had not seen since Boqueron, Puerto Rico.   We had a nice walk but only the girls braved the cool mountain water at the falls.   When we returned  I baked Carrie some of my famous BBQ Brownies for her special day!    Mike, who was still not up to hiking, spent the day with  Dave from s/v DaniellStorey and our newest friends Ronnie and Babbie on s/v Campechano.    Ronnie, an avid fisherman, loves to take people out fishing on their beautiful 47 ft Catana Catamaran.     He has a vast wealth of knowledge and can read the sea and the birds to know where to fish.   They came home with some tuna and rainbow runner.    Ronnie’s love is fishing and Babbie’s is her horses back in Puerto Rico where they live.   We have enjoyed a number of wonderful meals together and look forward to meeting up with them as we travel north.  They have also invited us to visit them in PR where I will have the opportunity to go horseback riding.     We are not the only ones moving north.  Ken and Katy of s/v Diana who we had met briefly in Grenada and got to know better in Trinidad also returned from there and anchored next to us in Hog Island.  We have spent a number of fun evenings with them and they introduced us to some other St. Johnians,  Josh and Lou on s/v Survivan.   Josh and Lou operate a great day charter out of St. John and we were treated to a wonderful evening of laughter, singing and impromptu songwriting.    I’m not sure the songs we came up with will hit the top 40 anytime soon though with titles such as “Falling Off my Nachos” and of course, that all time favorite “Giardia, the Beaver Disease”.   OK, so there was a little rum involved that night!   I know from the highlights I have shared that you might think our lives are just one big party but in reality there is always chores to do, laundry, grocery shopping, repairs, and etc. that make up the bulk of our days.    We took the bus into St. George and finally met with Herve, our RayMarine Representative, to pick up the new motor for our Auto Helm.    Michael has it installed and it appears to working well but on the same note we noticed that our back up compass needs to be repaired……It’s always something!

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