Posted by: bearcruzer | October 30, 2010

Good Fishing around Carriacou


As hurricane season comes to an end, it is the time of year when people who have kept their boats below 12 degrees Lat make ready to continue their travels throughout the Caribbean and points beyond.    In Trinidad, I had met Marie at a women’s group meeting, yes we do have support groups for us crazy female sailors.     She and her husband JP have spent the last 4 years building their dream Motor Catamaran, DOMINO in Paraguay and are now traveling North.     We began referring to ourselves as Big D and Double D on the radio and our friendship blossomed from there.   They traveled from Trini and anchored near us in Hog Island where we got to know them a little better.   We have enjoyed hearing the story of how DOMINO came to be and all the adventures and misadventures of building her.    I have also been privileged to gain some valuable recommendations on getting my shoulder back into shape from Dr. JP,   Thank You.   With a functional Auto Helm and the prospect of good weather for a few days we opted to continue our journey North and head back up to Carriacou for a few days.    Domino also left the same day and we had a bit of a fishing competition going on.    We kept in contact via the Radio and they told us they had spotted some tuna.     As we were leaving Grenada, we caught a 2 ½ ft Barracuda that we through back.    Then nothing.    Domino who was ahead of us announced they had caught a large 52” Wahoo off of Isle Ronde between Grenada and Carriacou.   JP said it took a while to bring it in and he had to walk it around the boat before landing it.   We altered course to take us closer to the Island in hopes of matching their luck.   Still Nothing.    As we were arrived at the mouth of Tyrell Bay,  we began making preparations to anchor.   Just as we were thinking about bringing in the fishing lines we heard a loud zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and Mike yelled, “Fish On!”   I slowed the boat and Mike brought in a nice Blackfin Tuna.   We couldn’t match Domino on the size of the fish but we were happy we did not get skunked!  We got an e-mail from our friends on Campechano back in Grenada, they had no luck that same day and so we felt pretty good about our little Blackfin tuna.    We joined Marie and JP aboard DOMINO that evening for a celebratory dinner.    We have fish in the freezer and all is well!

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