Posted by: bearcruzer | October 4, 2010

Trouble in Trini

We have spent the last couple of weeks doing what come naturally to cruisers,  repairing our boat in exotic locations.    Michael Installed our new KISS Windgen.    He dove into the nasty water here in this anchorage and put a plug into one of our through hulls and replaced a faulty seacock that fed the water intake for our head as well as installing a new pump mechanism for it as well.   The simple pleasure of a fully functional head can only be described with a blissful sigh of relief.   It has not all been work though.   We were given the grand tour of the places to shop by Heather on s/v Asseance in addition to a stop for Doubles.    I took in a matinee of the movie Eat, Pray, Love at the very plush theater with a bunch of girlfriends.  I have finally seemed to come to an understanding with my old Pfaff sewing machine and have made new covers for our adjustable cockpit chairs.   We met up with Mark and Max of s/v Blue Beyond and joined them to watch a Rugby Match.  Mark is a true Rugby aficionado and was kind enough to explain the game to us.  He has even volunteered to help coach the local National team while he is here.    It really is a lot of fun to watch once you know the rules and nuances of the game.   A true Manly Man’s sport.   As evidenced by my photo of a hard core fan, out there, rooting for his team, along with his canary?!     We rented a car one day and headed out for Price Mart, which is similar to Sams Club, to do a major reprovision.    While we were shopping a low formed over the Island and a massive thunderstorm proceeded to dump a large amount of rain in our area accompanied by some strong wind gusts.   Mike braved the deluge and backed the car up the exit of Price Mart.  Loading groceries in ankle deep water while lightening is striking all around the building was probably not the smartest move but we were desperate to get back and check on DD.    We carefully drove back to the anchorage dodging minor mudslides and flash floods streaming across the road praying that our rental car did not stall out while fording some of these new rivers.   We pulled the car into the TTSA parking area and noticed a number of people gathered under the gazebo looking out into the anchorage…….not a good sign.   As we climbed out of the car, we asked, “Is everyone where they are supposed to be?”  To which they answered, “A Cat had drug across the anchorage.”    PANIC!!!!!!!    We locked the car, jumped into Mighty Mouse and zipped out to find our friends Carl and Carrie at the Helm of DD piloting her back to her place.   As we jumped aboard Carrie yelled, “Boy are we glad to see you!”    When the squall hit the anchorage DD had been spun and our Delta Anchor did not hold in the oily mud.    She drifted across the anchorage narrowly missing ½ dozen boats before her anchor reset stopping her inches from the dock of another of the local clubs.  Carl and Carrie came up after the blow to find that DD was not where we had left her.  They spotted her across the anchorage and jumped into their dink braving the continuing rain, raced across the bay and pushed her away from the dock with their dingy.   They got on board and on the radio requesting help.   After what seemed like a long while.  A number of other cruisers came to their assistance and they were able to figure out how to drop the drive leg to motor her back to her place.     We weren’t looking forward to offloading our groceries in the rain but that would have been much preferred over finding our panic stricken friends at the helm of our unfamiliar boat, faithfully piloting her back where she belonged.     I took the helm from Carrie and Mike and Carl reset the anchor.    After, I wiped the tears from my eyes and Carries knees stopped shaking, there were Bear Hugs all around and immense gratitude expressed to all who came to DD’s assistance.  We have since moved DD to a different part of the anchorage to allow for more scope and also put out our second Delta anchor to avoid any further unmanned excursions by DD.   Michael again braved the slimy water and dove on DD to make sure she had not hit anything during her wanderings.  He came to the surface and exclaimed “What a Bummer!”  My stomach sank.  “Oh God……how bad is it?” I asked.    He responded, “ It didn’t even knock off any of the barnacles”.   Mr. funny man, I could have shot him!

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