Posted by: bearcruzer | September 20, 2010

Double Trouble

We needed to find some reliable WiFi so we headed over to Store Bay.   Tobago and especially the Store bay area are popular placed for the folks from Trini to come for a vacation.     There are some grand public beaches and resorts catering to the vacationers.    We took walks around the area and got our first taste of a local delicacy called a Double.  It is a delectable bit of fry bread stuffed with a curried chick pea and vegetable mix and a spicy tamarind sauce.    We picked up one of these along with what is commonly called a pie, similar in texture with a slightly sweeter flavor.   Both are fantastic.   The roadside stand was on the way to the grocery store and we found ourselves stopping again on the way back to place a second order.    We spoke with the young entrepreneur about her schedule for making these wonderful breakfast treats.   It is a labor intensive process and she is up at midnight beginning her preparations for the following day’s sales.   We also have a good idea of why they are called Doubles.  Perhaps it is because they could easily adopt the Lay’s chip slogan of “No one can eat just one” or maybe it’s because if you eat them daily for a while and you will double your size in just a few weeks.   Either way we will be returning to place another order in the very near future.

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