Posted by: bearcruzer | September 20, 2010

Buccoo Reef

We have enjoyed a number of snorkeling expeditions over the beautiful Buccoo Reef,  It is the 3rd largest reef in the Caribbean.    Glass bottom boats frequent the area bringing tourists to see its wonders.    It looks relatively healthy with numerous different types of coral and an abundance of brightly colored fish.   Michael’s foot has healed enough to allow him to swim again.   It had been really frustrating for him not to be able to spend time in the water in order to keep cool.   On one expedition along with our friend Dave from s/v Mistral we tied the dingy to us and drifted over the reef exploring a wide area.    We found a large school of Glassy Sweepers, a copper colored schooling fish normally found in caves.  Beautiful and delicate butterfly fish, bright green parrot fish, along with many other of our favorites.   Dave had brought his underwater camera and so we took a few pics of our snorkel.    Just as we were becoming prunes we found ourselves in 20 ft of water and when I looked below me I could see something moving fluidly but it looked too thick and dense to be a coral.   I dove down to find myself face to face with a 6 foot Olive Green Morey Eel.   He was as big around as my thigh and I surfaced to tell Mike and Dave about him.   We tried to get a few shots but he was a bit too deep for Dave’s Camera.   Eels normally can be found with their heads sticking out of holes and their mouths rhythmically opening and closing, showing off their sharp teeth.    Although he or she appeared very docile when approached, its menacing appearance encouraged us to keep our distance.

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