Posted by: bearcruzer | September 18, 2010

Goat Racing in Surf City

The bay here at Mt Irvine has an amazing break.   We were able to enjoy watching the exploits of both local and visiting surfers enjoying the 6 footers right from the boat.   The waves wrap around the point and break as they come into the reef.    Not a place for the inexperienced.   Those brave enough to catch these waves were treated to some great rides.  Mike took Mighty Mouse and his camera out to catch some of the action to share with you.   Our group of four boats took our dingies around the southern point and over to the town of Buccoo Reef.    We pulled alongside the jetty and proceeded to tie off and lock the dink, whereas I promptly dropped our lock into the water.    I fortunately, had on my swim suit under my clothes, so over the side I went to retrieve the lock.   So much for arriving gracefully.    My mother used to refer to me in situations such as these as “Her daughter, Grace”   Michael has taken this and run with it in his own fashion and just refers to me on such occasions as “Miss Kelly”.    After a fresh water shower from the spigot on the dock,  we walked around town and admired a fancy new facility in its final stage of construction.   It’s façade was quite ornate and it’s grounds manicured.  It was obvious that no expense was spared for this amazing project……It must house something of great importance and social significance……Whatever could it be?    As the pungent smell from the far side this lovely building reached our noses we were able to decipher the purpose of this grand structure.  No, it wasn’t a government building,  it was the Goat Racing Stadium…….What Else!  There were no races that day but by the looks of this place, it is a popular event.    We meandered around this small town and as we watched the storm clouds gathering, our group ran for shelter.  (It did not much matter to me at this point as I was still drying out from my lock retrieval swim.)   We enjoyed the company of good friends as we sipped our beers and waited for the squall to pass.

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