Posted by: bearcruzer | September 18, 2010

Birthday Rain

Sept. 2nd, 2010

It is pouring down rain.  This can only mean one thing for the Gillich’s,  It’s a special occasion.  That’s right,  Wedding Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays…..all are continually blessed from above.   Today is Sept. 2nd, my Birthday.   We awoke to a downpour and it has continued off and on all morning and just for some added excitement the boat decided to drag anchor.   We had moved from Great Courland Bay down to Mt. Irvine Bay to try and escape the swells.   It is a little better here but still pretty rolly.  We found ourselves snuggling a little too close to S/V Asseance and so after breakfast we reanchored.   The swells, combined with the tides and light winds have had the boat turning nearly 360 degrees on anchor and so we have set a second hook just to be safe.   The grey clouds that surround us rumble their intentions along with their light shows.   We are watching the continued formation of a line of what looks to be a very active hurricane season.  So far we have monitored the formation and progress of Bonnie, Colin, Danielle, Earl, Fiona, and now Gaston.   There is another forming off the coast of Africa as I type this.  With so much unsettled weather  I can only assume we are in store for many more rainy holidays or special occasions.   But in true cruiser fashion, Michael conspired to make my birthday memorable with a party aboard DD.   Mark & Max(ine) from s/v Blue Beyond,  Don & Heather from s/v Asseance, and Rob & Cathy from s/v Quatico all arrived with arms full of tasty dishes.   Cathy had even baked me a wonderful chocolate Birthday cake.     It was a lovely evening filled with the gifts of good friends and laughter.   Thanks go out to all of you for making my rainy birthday so wonderful.

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