Posted by: bearcruzer | September 18, 2010

Bay Hopping

Aug 26 – Aug 31

After spending a number of days in Pirates Bay, we went back in to customs and immigration to request a cruising permit to Bay Hop down to Chagaramus, Trinidad.   We only had to deal with Dave at immigration as the fellow who had given us such a hard time at customs was not in.   He telephoned him and stamped our cruising permit by proxy.   This will allow us to take our time before arriving in Trinidad.  We traveled to Anse Bateaux and spent a number of days exploring the reef around Little Tobago and Goat Islands where we found a number of small rock lobster,  tasty!,  We also walked the trails above the Blue Water Inn looking for Birds.   Don and Heather from s/v Asseance had walked this same remote road the day before.  They were met by a black dog and then heard someone calling for help.   They came across a elderly local man who was lying beside the road.  He lives in a shack on the next bay and was trying to reach the Inn to call his nephew for help but was too weak to make it.   Don and Heather checked to make sure he wasn’t injured and then made him comfortable and walked back to the Inn to get help.  His nephew came for him and took him to the clinic.   He was home the next day and we stopped at his shack on our walk, he was feeling much better and asked us to tell Don and Heather, thank you.   As we had explained before, our provisions were a little scant especially for fresh fruits and veggies.   We were fortunate to have a visit to the bay by Andy who has lived in Speyside for 45 years.  He yelled out to s/v Quatico who was anchored closest to the Inn that he had He brought a large bag filled with mangos, limes, avocados, papaya and lemons for sale.   Quatico relayed the in nd After a few days in Anse Bateaux we all had a lovely sail around to Great Courland Bay near Plymouth, Tobago.     On the way we were treated to the company of dolphins riding our bows on 4 separate occasions.    The other boats we were traveling with did not have them come near them but could see them around our boat.   Dancing Dolphin, lived up to her name once again.  They crisscrossed and played in front of the bows and between the hulls and were a delight to watch.   The last few days we have explored the town of Plymouth and been entertained by shrewd and modified fishing techniques employed by the local pelicans.  They have had to add spinning while swallowing their catch.  The laughing gulls will actually attempt to land on their heads when they come up with a bill of fry and peck at them, waiting for them to open their beaks to swallow, thus the spinning modification.     Mike and I went for a walk the other day and stopped off at Turtle Beach Resort.   I had my swimsuit on under my clothes and enjoyed the luxury of immersing myself in their fresh water pool.   It was warm but it felt really great to sip a cold beer and relax in their lounge chairs under the shade of an umbrella and air dry without feeling salt encrusted.  Michael has not been able to swim for the last few days as he has a deep gouge on his right heel from one of the protruding metal lock snaps that hold part of the cockpit enclosure we rarely use.   I have insisted we take the precaution of not introducing any bacteria that may be lurking in the bay as there are numerous small polluted streams and rivers that empty into it.  It has been hard on him to not have an avenue to cool off other than the solar shower which is usually warm to hot water.    It is healing slowly.   We have been very protective and fortunately it shows no sign of infection.  The last couple of days we have felt the effects of Earl and Fiona.  The swells have gotten bigger and are coming from the North which makes for uncomfortable sleeping.    As bad as we have it…..we really feel for our friends aboard the monohulls as they rock and roll much worse than we do.    We really cannot complain as our thoughts and prayers are with those people who are in the paths of Earl and Fiona.   We have monitored their trials and tribulations via blog posts made with their cell phones and hope they all remain safe.

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  1. Christl, happy birthday, better late than never they say in dutch……:-)
    I won’t ask which age, but you both look lovely on the pictures taken.
    Its nice to read your adventures.
    Take care

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