Posted by: bearcruzer | August 15, 2010

Pageant Mas

After a nap we returned to town around 1:00pm to watch the next Mas.  The Pageant Mas reminded me a bit more of a high energy home town parade.  It again involved the massive sound systems of the DJ Trucks playing a mix of the same 4 songs, followed by extravagantly costumed groups singing and dancing and representing different themes.   This parade is also open to anyone who would like to purchase a costume and join in with one of the bands.  A number of cruisers, who were staying at the Port Louis Marina, did just that.   We walked the parade route and took quite a few pictures before settling down at a spot near one of the judges’ stations along the route.  We were dazzled by the creativity and vibrant colors of the costumes some of which are quite elaborate.    Everyone including small children walks the entire parade route in the same rhythmic small steps stopping to shake, shimmy, and gyrate along the way.    Some of the women did this all in high heels, Yikes!   The atmosphere was festive, the people beautiful, and the entire  performance was repeated again the following day for the final judging, in even higher heat,  with many of the previous days’ high heeled beauties now sporting tennis shoes.   I wondered how long they could hold out!

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