Posted by: bearcruzer | August 15, 2010

Monday Night Mas

Monday evening the DJ Trucks cranked up the music and energy to extreme levels and again took to the the streets of St. George around the Lagoon and Carenage  for the Monday Night Mas .  We could hear these Trucks all day even on our boat anchored outside the harbor  so by the middle of the day we too could sing along with most of tunes.   This Mas is comprised of different bands of revelers who have purchase packages to participate in this unique nighttime parade.   Packages can be purchased from local business sponsors, by anyone for about $75 EC.   Packages include,  a commemorative cup or drink container, all you can drink beer and rum from the bands bar truck that drives along with each group, a glowing wand or saber as well as a Band T-Shirt and an Illuminated Hat and other glowing accessories.     The DJ’s riding atop the trucks keep the energy of the slow moving throng up by singing along  and shouting directions to syncronize the mass of  light saber waving revelers.   It was a spectacle that was difficult to capture on film.   A number of cruisers purchased packages to participate in this glowing high energy Night Mas.    There was a bit of a damper put on the evening for some of these participating cruisers when they discovered they had become victims of a ring of professional pickpockets.  One of the cruisers even had the side of his pocket that he had his hand over, cut with a razorblade to gain access.  They were lucky to have come away with only the loss of a small camera, a phone, and a little cash.   The police and the participating business that sponsored the MNM were very professional and went out of their way to see that the lost items were reported and some were even replaced at a substantial discount.   The police later that night busted what turned out to be a number of the pickpockets and found them to be affiliated with a professional ring out of Guyana that follows the Carnival circuit around the Caribbean.   Everyone who heard about the thefts was appalled,saddened, and primarily concerned that the incident not reflect badly on warm and caring reputation of the Grenadian People.   After a day that started at 3:30am, the evening ended for us around 11:00pm as we drifted off to sleep with the memory of the vivid colors of everything from body paint, to feathers, to light sabers, the sounds of the Songs Mo Mas and Tornado ringing in our ears, and a little buzz from spectacle of the day topped with a few beers and rum.

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