Posted by: bearcruzer | August 14, 2010

Back for Carnival

We reluctantly left our new friends Ellen and Jim from s/v Boldly Go….sitting on the hard at the Carriacou boat yard to do repaint the bottom of their boat and do all those out of the water maintenance issues.  We feel for them Yuck!  But we had to return to Grenada after all….Carnival was happening.   We made our way down the leeward coast of Grenada and anchored just outside of St. George where we will stay for the duration of Carnival.   We contacted the Al Bernadine and dropped off our Alternator for repair, yet again, and then called and checked on the status of our Auto Helm.   Herve the Service Tech here on Grenada says he is expecting the parts by the end of the month at the latest but is hoping they will arrive by next week.  There are a number of events that take place over the days leading up to Carninval, a beauty contest, as well as Soca, Calypso, and Pan competions.  We attended Pantastic, the Steel Pan Competion on Saturday Night and enjoyed a number of talented bands comprised of both young and old as well as Vocals by The Black Wizard a local popular musician.

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  1. Nice, allways wanted to do carnival there. Met some guys at St. Jihns who were from Trinidad, told me it was a great party.

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