Posted by: bearcruzer | August 8, 2010

Carriacou Regatta

July  27 – August 6

Back to Carriacou for the Regatta, We buddy boated back up to Carriacou along with our friend Laurel who Singlehands her Prout Catamaran s/v  Here Today.   She is a Grandmother who has sailed most of her life and had her own sailing school.   She has graciously shared with us her friendship and is teaching me more of the terminology and technical aspects of sailing.   Laurel was up and out of the harbor even before we got our dingy raised.   We finally weighed anchor and headed back north the 35 miles to Tyrrell Bay.     On the trip north we discovered that one of our newly repaired alternators is still malfunctioning.   We’ll have to take it back to the repair shop when we return to Grenada.  Ughhh!……I need a sunset!    We had previously anchored in Tyrrell Bay on our way to Grenada and had promised John and Melody, S/V Millennium II, we would return and volunteer to help with the regatta events to raise money for the Carriacou Childrens Education Fund.   The efforts of s/v Millennium II and other volunteers have raised about 16,000 dollars this year and have raised 124,500.00 over the course of the last 10 years.  We spent time enjoying the Cruisers BBQ, the Mexican Train Domino tournament and the not-so-silent Auction and Rummage Sale.   It was an honor to be asked to participate as well as a whole lot of fun.   We also spent a couple of days enjoying the plethora of local events that Carriacou Regatta is so well known for.    Cruisers and Locals alike participate in numerous racing events.  Yacht races include a course race as well as an around the Island race.   There are also many classes of open boat races that get very competitive.  Most of the open boats are not very large and hold a crew of 3 to 8.  Racers come from all over and sail from their respective Islands to Carriacou to compete.   The onshore events include not only the well known, Egg & Spoon race, Balloon Shaving, and beer drinking competitions but also the lesser known but no less humorous events such as,  Donkey Races, an eating event called Buns & Coke, and the most popular event…….The Greeeeassssy Pole.    Don’t worry I too, had to ask a local, somewhat hesitantly, what this event entailed.     It is one of the regatta’s oldest events and has been a favorite of the crowds for over 45 years.    A long pole is greased and suspended out over the water at an angle.  At the end of the pole the prize awaits anyone who can make it to the end and grab hold of it before falling in the water.   I was told they used to hang a bottle of rum from the end but today it was a couple of bottles of Coke.    It was a wonderful time even with the intermittent rain showers (which did little to deter the racers).   The Carriacou people are warm and welcoming and laughter abounds.    I also saw my 1st Green Flash from the Anchorage here on Carriacou.   A stellar week to say the least.

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  1. Hi Mike and Christal,
    I hope you are well. I’m sorry I keep missing your calls. Its good to hear your voice though. Did you ever get my last email? I’m guessing not. I’ve got a few small jobs here in town but otherwise it was absolutely dead this summer. Call me when the next big hurricane hits or if you can land us a big contract in Haiti! At this point Connie would let me work on the moon if it paid well. Planning to meet JP in Utah last week in January. Interested? OK I need to replace my Pocket Rockets with something similar as they were the best skiis ever and actually turned me into a competent powder and crud skier. What do recommend that I might find used on Craigs list or in a rental shop?
    So is life still good or what? Hope you guys are well, all is good here.
    Love Ed

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