Posted by: bearcruzer | August 7, 2010

Fixing Stuff

As always we continue in the definition of Cruising,  fixing our boat in beautiful and exotic locations.    We are having our second alternator repaired and Michael has reinstalled our non functional Autohelm so that the Authorized Raymarine Service Rep can see for himself that it is installed correctly and still not working.    The Raymarine service Rep, Herve, was an extremely nice French speaking young man, who’s English was prettly good except when trying to communicate with the Raymarine warrenty department maintenance technician with a southern accent via a sketchy cell phone connection in the US.  After about an hour of troubleshooting our Auto Helm, the conversation was just coming to a close without a definitive resolution to our problem.   Mike finally got on the phone with the US Raymarine Technician and explained to him that we had downloaded the service manual for the Autohelm and had followed the procedure and determined that the motor was bad.    After talking with Mike for 5 minutes the US technician agreed and told Herve, they would more than likely send down a new motor as a replacement.   We are now awaiting the parts and hope they will arrive soon at which time we will remove the Auto helm, again, and deliver it to Herve to repair.    At times so many continuing repairs can get us a bit down……but when that happens we sit on the bow with a cool drink and watch a beautiful sunset while gentle breezes carry away our burdens, and remember how lucky we really are to be living this lifestyle.


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