Posted by: bearcruzer | July 20, 2010

Seven Sisters Falls

July 14th, 2010

Mike and I joined Dave and Michelle from S/V DaniellStorey on a walk to the Seven Sisters falls.   We caught the bus from Woburn into the Main Terminal and then on up into the mountains squealing around corners  to Grand Etang.   The bus let us out at a place called Monkey Point in Grand Etang but we were not lucky enough to see any.   Mona Monkeys were introduced to Grenada from Africa.   We walked down the road about ½ mile to the trailhead to the Falls.    We paid our fee to cross private land and then picked up a walking stick and headed down the trail.   We crossed a working farm where a wide variety of fruits and veggies were being grown including Nutmeg, Mango, starfruit, Avocado, Pumpkin, Melons, Long Beans, and many others crops we did not recognize.    The trail was a little slick from the recent rains but not too bad.  The walking sticks were very helpful.    Michelle had brought some samples of some seeds she was hoping to collect and asked the local who was collecting the fees if any of them were found along this trail.   The seeds , shells and sea glass she has found in her travels she incorporates with beads to make some beautiful jewelry. As we were walking along she spotted an oblong pod on the ground and suddenly the treasure hunt was on.   We had found what are referred to as Donkey Eye Seeds.   I helped her collect a nice bag full before continuing on our hike.   After taking some photos, Dave and Mike meandered further down the trail where we met up with them when we finally exhausted our search efforts.   We made our way to the Lower falls of the Seven Sisters and changed into our swimsuits to take a cooling plunge after our hike.    We enjoyed the lunch we had brought with us and were soon joined by a few others and their guide Cliffon Castle.   Cliffon is certified to be able to dive from the top of the falls and gave us a great show by doing a back flip from the top of the falls into the pool below.    It was amazing to watch.    After relaxing at the falls for a while we made our way back, stopping under a Nutmeg tree as we waited for a small rain shower to pass.  We met a local Rasta Farmer walking the road carrying a bunch of bananas on his head.   I found and photographed a Torch Lily also called a Porcelain Rose.  Our hike concluded back at the trailhead where we sat and talked with Cliffon and a couple of other locals about the area and showed them the footage we had taken at the falls.   I will try to post it to You Tube when I have the bandwidth.   It was a wonderful day in the hills of Grenada and we look forward to many more hikes and adventures with the Crew of DaniellStorey.

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