Posted by: bearcruzer | July 20, 2010

An E Ticket

I know, I know,  I’m dating myself with this reference but for those of you who are youngsters or who never got to go to Disneyland back in the 60’s……an E Ticket predates the all inclusive pass and refers to the ticket that would get you on the wilder rides in the Park.   Public Transportation on Grenada is always an E-Ticket Ride.  The public bus system of Grenada consists of Vans that are designed to seat 12 comfortably.   On any given day though they pack around 16 to 20 depending on the size of the people and the Items they are carrying.   Each Van has been modified by its owner to accommodate additional passengers with anything from a board spanning the gap between the seats with or without a cushion to a fancy little folding seat that folds down into the Aisle to hold the extra people.    We have ridden often enough now to know which seats are better than others.   Closer to the front behind the Driver is always good as you don’t have to exit the Van to let the passengers sitting behind you out at their requested stops.     Next to a functional opening window is always an added benefit.    Busses never leave the main terminal until full.   Timing is essential when getting into a Bus at the main terminal to avoid having to sit for an extended amount of time in an overstuffed, non air-conditioned van while they wait to try and squeeze a few more passengers on before heading out on their routes.   When the driver tells you we will be waiting for one more before leaving, he means the equivalent of one US person.   1 US = 2.5 Grenada whether you are referring to the exchange rate for money or people.    I believe many of the bus drivers Idolize Nascar Driver Lewis Hamilton, who is from Grenada, and try to emulate him.   There are 3 speeds,  fast, faster, and breaking hard to stop.    I also think there is a method to this madness of packing the busses so full……It has to do with physics and lessening dramatic shifts in weight .  We have even heard tell of drivers repositioning passengers to better balance their Vans.   Each driver knows his Van and it is best not to argue if you are asked to change seats, we have been aboard a couple of Vans that I swore were on 2 wheels as we squealed around hairpin turns.     We are beginning to recognize our favorite busses by the sound of their horns, which ones play better music during the ride to town, and the few who are not LH wannabees.    We always feel fortunate when we catch one of these.    Otherwise, we just close our eyes tight, make our peace with God and hang on for the duration of the Ride! YeeeeeeeHaaaaaaaa!


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