Posted by: bearcruzer | July 20, 2010

A walk with the Girls

July 11, 2010

Michelle (S/V Daniellstorey), Terry (S/V Sea Otter) , Wendy (S/V Julianna II), and I took a walk around the Woburn Loop.  We wouldn’t normally walk the road during the week but being early on a Sunday morning we figured we were safe enough.    As much as I enjoy the (little) walks with Michael it is fun to be able to walk and talk with women.   Every woman and every story is so different.   We made our way up into the hills and stopped at a local fruit and vegetable stand where Francis sold us bananas.    I was impressed by the Low Tech but extremely effective soccer field maintenance crew who were busy trimming the grass and fertilizing to keep the field in tip top ready to play condition.   We had a wonderful time and before we knew it we were back where we started.  When we rode the same route on the local bus and pointed out, to our husbands, where we had walked…..we were amazed at how far we had gone.   The way never seems far when walking beside new friends.   Although Dave (S/V Daniellstorey)  credits our gabbing for the time passing so quickly.

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