Posted by: bearcruzer | July 11, 2010


June 30 – July 2nd

There is supposed to be a bit of weather sweeping across these southern Islands bringing some good gusts of wind and Thunderstorms.   We sailed on south to Carriacou which is part of Grenada.  We checked in at Hillsborough and were given a 3 month Visa from Immigration and 1 month from Customs.   There is a monthly fee for boats staying in Grenada of $50.00/mo.  It used to be a yearly fee.  My how times change.    After taking care of our Inbound Paperwork we walked around the town of Hillsborough.   We came upon a small museum run by the daughter of the famous Island Artist Canute Caliste.   Clemencia was happy to take us throughout this small museum and show us the artifacts it contained as well as many of the tools and implements used in years past here on the Island.   There is also a wonderful tribute to her father who was a musician and a famous painter of Island Life.   We spent the better part of an hour in the delightful company of Clemencia and were privileged to get to hear from her personal accounts of growing up on the Island as well as some of the colorful history of this beautiful place.   We then sailed around the point to Tyrell Bay where we stayed for a couple of days until this little front passed through.    We had a few Thunderstorms,  mostly at night and did have a good gusts of 27 knots of wind come through the harbor that caused a little commotion with a couple of boats as they swung a little too close on their anchor lines.    Our anchor is dug in well and we haven’t moved.    We have free WiFi in this harbor and it is a good connection…..thus catch up time with the Blog and with telephone calls to friends and family.   I’m missing them all greatly right now as there is a big gathering for both my Parents and Aunt and Uncle’s 50th Wedding Anniversary.  Friends and Family that I haven’t seen in years will be in attendance.    It is time’s like these when the sacrifices we make to live this lifestyle become greatly amplified.   We did get to hear our first steel pan band of the trip here on Carriacou.    It is sometimes difficult to attend evening events as the local music and night life doesn’t usually get started until well after 9:00pm.   Guess I still haven’t gotten into the rhythm of taking siesta during the heat of the day so that I can stay awake for the fun!  We stayed for 3 songs and then headed back to the boat to sleep.  Sorry, as you can see, I kinda got lax on the photo taking while we were here.   Here is a good shot of a local floating Bar that was put to frequent use by many of the cruisers while we were here.



  1. Hi y’all!

    Just got back from a trip to the USA ( Colorado!) and got caught up on your travels. We are envious, still.


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