Posted by: bearcruzer | July 11, 2010

A Day with the Kids

July 10th

Today was the last day that the Mt. Airy Reading Program of was meeting before the local school children go on summer break.     A number of cruisers volunteer their time on Saturday mornings to help some of these kids improve their reading, spelling and math.   We did not arrive in Grenada in time to help last week but were able to volunteer this week.  Many come from single parent, struggling families.   The woman who directs the tutoring program is a caring, no nonsense person who you can see really wants these kids to succeed and make a better life for themselves via a healthy lifestyle and a good education.   It turned out that because it was the last meeting of this school year, it was just a little bit of group reading and spelling, the kids watched a video of a recent field trip and then lots of games, foot races, football (soccer), and fun for everyone!   We enjoyed spending time with these amazing young people.     I turned a couple of girls loose with my point and shoot camera.   Many of the pictures are theirs.     I taught 9 year old Leona how to play checkers.  I was told she was very bright and true to form, she soon had me backed into a corner, 3 kings to my 1 and won the game.   I also joined in when it was time for the girl’s foot races.   I don’t think the kids have had any of the visiting adults join them in their races as they were all laughing and yelling and encouraging  me all the way to the finish line.  I even got a big laugh and a hug from the Program Director herself.   That or maybe I just looked the fool running around with the kids, either way we had a terrific time playing and getting to know the children.   We look forward to seeing them all again in September!

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  1. Yeah…in Granada!!! Are you staying put for a while? We are doing the florida lifestyle but missing our boat and looking forward to Nov. when it goes back in the water. Enjoy!!!!

  2. Dear Michael and Crystal, Sure enjoy your website,I live vicariously. The 8 mile hike would have done me in, especially with mosquitos. Momsy

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