Posted by: bearcruzer | July 7, 2010

Union Island

June 30th

We stopped overnight at Union Island where we will check out of St. Vincent  & Grenadines.  The town there was very quiet as this is the off season.    We anchored behind the Reef that protects part of Clifton Harbor and enjoyed a quiet evening.   There was a nice area with a number of fruit & vegetable stalls all painted in bright colors.  We picked up another Pineapple…..which has become a staple, and a mango.   We are looking forward to seeing all that Grenada and it’s out Islands hold.   We are also looking forward to a reduction in the number of boat boys and vendors that seem to want to swarm the boat even before we anchor.    The mass of Boat Boys, as they call the vendors and guides, began in Dominica, and seemed to increase in number in St. Lucia, and St. Vincent.   We don’t mind them stopping as they are just trying to earn a living but it does get tiresome telling them “No Thank You” every hour or so.   Much of what they sell also is more expensive than if we were to purchase the same items in town.    We have given business to a couple of them but they always pressure us to buy more…..we have to remain adamant in regards to the quantity of anything we want to buy and make sure we have exact change as they all insist they do not have change.    Oh I did make it through my first day as net controller……Live from the Tobago Cays…..It’s Daaaancing Dollllllphin bringing you the Coconut Telegraph Cruisers Net….!   Really thought it wasn’t so bad and David and Trudie from S/V Persephone even checked in from Bequia to lend their moral support to my efforts.

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  1. Boat Boys:
    Paula and I started to “Play” deaf mute and we would wave at them, and sign to each other in exaggerated hand waving. and say nothing to each other. just sign at the boat boys. Soon they went away, and we could laugh our butts off. The word would get out not to bother with that boat.

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