Posted by: bearcruzer | June 29, 2010

The Pitons, St. Lucia

June 21 – 23rd

We left Martinique and had a great sail down to the Pitons in St. Lucia.    The winds were running at around 20 kts out of the East which placed us on a beam reach and on DD’s favorite point of sail.   We made great time and Arrived at the Pitons on St. Lucia by around 1:30 pm.   Trouble comes in three’s……We must have been enjoying ourselves a little too much as it was then we noticed the 1st of our 3 mishaps of the Day.   Our alternator was not charging our batteries.   This we could deal with of course as we have a working spare on the boat that Michael will be able to change out at our next stop  and after all we still have our solar panels and our Windgen……ooops!   The 2nd problem occurred with our Ferris Wind generator.  The welds of the bracket that hold the unit and the blades at a 90 degree angle to the mounting pole separated and when Michael tried to untangle our spare brake line to stop the unit and tie it off, the spinning blades struck the support poles and shattered, sending pieces of it flying everywhere.   Michael was very lucky not to be hit by any of the flying debris.   Michael tied off what was left of the blades and climbed down off of the davits.    As we were approaching our anchorage for the night we ran into an amazing 2 kts of current on our nose.  That along with the east winds kicked up some pretty good chop and we debated stopping here for the night.    We were met by 2 different boat boys who explained that it was calmer in the anchorage.   We allowed them to assist us in picking up a mooring.   We initially picked up a mooring off of a location called the Bat Cave near the town of Soufriere.   Michael went for a swim to cool off as the snorkeling off of the boat was supposed to be very good.      He was swimming leisurely along when he suddenly turned and swam rapidly back to the boat, not usually a good sign.   He had been stung by a jellyfish on his side and leg never actually seeing it.   The anchorage next to the Bat Cave although picturesque, was quite rolly.  After treating Mike’s sting, (no Doug and Laura we did not use the same treatment as we had recommended to you two as we had an alternative handy on the boat) We decided we would move DD across the bay and anchor at the base of the Pitons a set of twin peaks that rise out of the ocean to a height of 2600 ft along the coast of St. Lucia.    Another front was due to move through the area and so we remained anchored off the Pitons for an extra day before continuing south.     It continued pouring rain and we remained on the boat and did not go ashore on St. Lucia which is just as well as we had to keep a pair of Caribbean Martens from trying to build a nest in our boom…..We tried explaining that we would not be staying but Mike finally had to stuff it with tin foil to deter them,  they were very persistent.

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