Posted by: bearcruzer | June 29, 2010


June 11 – 13th

We reluctantly said farewell to Isle de Saints and continued south to Dominica.   Dominica has 8 potentially active volcanoes and our plan was to spend a few days here to do some inland exploring and a hike up to the boiling lake   Michael had told me that when he traveled here before Boat Boys would paddle out on surfboards or anything to try to get you to purchase something in the way of goods or services from them.    Nowadays however they have become well organized and present licenses that identify them as certified guides.   They have taken it upon themselves to provide security, tours, and help yachties in many ways with whatever they may need in the way of information or services.    We traveled this day with all 4 boats and as we approached Dominica we radioed each other to compare notes as to whose services were recommended in the updated guidebooks etc.       As we approached the Island we were met approx. 1 mile out by our first boat boy, Alexis (this we knew as it was painted on the side of his bright yellow boat).   His was one of the names on the list of approved guides in the most recent guidebook and he pulled alongside of DD to introduce himself.   His face lit up when we told him we were traveling in a convoy of 4 boats.     He told us he would come by the boat after we were anchored and proceeded on to introduce himself to the other boats.     We anchored in Prince Rupert Bay off Purple Turtle Beach in the area that was recommended by Alexis.    We took our dingies and official paperwork to the customs and immigration office to check in.  We then took a walk around town,  stopping of course at the Purple Turtle Café for a local beer, Kubuli, which we found very tasty but only came in an 8oz bottle, barely enough to wet our whistle and by no means any less expensive than any other beers.  We needed to get to the bank but unfortunately there was a marine store along the route that side tracked our little band and the bank closed before we could change our money.    On the upside though Mike found 50 EC on the ground that got us through the weekend and Alexis welcomed US Dollars.   We spent our EC at the local Farmers Market on Saturday morning and were well supplied with plenty of fruits and veggies for the next few days.   We have been pretty lucky so far in finding fresh produce on most of the Islands we have visited even if it is shipped in.    S/V Just Imagine and S/V Sanctuary decided to press on as they must have S/V Just Imagine hauled out in Trinidad by the end of June.    David & Trudie of S/V Persephone and Dancing Dolphin stayed an extra day and hired Alexis to take us on a tour of the Indian River where part of the Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed.   It was a beautiful River Trip as no engines are allowed and we were rowed up the river by Alexis and his young cousin Doniel.   Alexis was a font of local knowledge and told us about the old time uses of the flora and the fauna of the Island.   There was a small Tiki Bar at the Zenith of our journey and we were treated to a local drink that they call Dynamite.  When we asked what was in it we were told it contained, Rum, Fruit Juice, Cinnamon and a lot of atmosphere.   We could not argue with that sitting in the middle of this jungle paradise.  With drinks in hand we toasted our afternoon River Adventure and our able guides!

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