Posted by: bearcruzer | May 25, 2010

Mighty Mouse

May 18th -Dewey

Here I come to save the daaaay!!!!! Mighty Mouse is on the way!  If there is a wrong to right, Mighty Mouse will join the fight.   Yesterday, While I was busy bringing you all up to date….Mighty Mouse was performing another rescue.   Seems a gentleman who had taken his date to the beach for some snorkeling had is boat go on walkabout across the channel.   He was able to flag down Michael on DD from the beach and Michael and Mighty Mouse took them across the bay to retrieve their boat that was drifting precariously close to the rocks on the nearby Island of Luis Pena.   We spent the evening with David, Trudie and their friend Mike as he must return to the States tomorrow.    We enjoyed a few drinks at the Dingy Dock Restaurant and then walked over to Mamacita’s for dinner and drinks.   Mighty Mouse patiently waited for us  at the Dingy Dock Restaurant and so we made our way back by 9:00pm before they closed.   It began to rain and so we waited for a regional weather window while shooting the breeze with some of the local expats that have chosen to make Culebra their home.  We chatted with Gregorio who sails his little 17ft trimaran over to the Dingy Dock Restaurant every evening for a drink and then home again across the bay after dark.   He happily boasts that his little trimaran has happily carried over 225 people on sails across the bay.   He just takes folks out for the fun of it.     Mighty Mouse sat quietly not boasting about the rescue.    When the rain began to diminish,  Mighty Mouse waited until Mike and David finished their water fight using the Dingy Pumps and gently wisked us back to the boat between downpours and delivered us safely back to our floating home.  All in a days work!

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