Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

Touring Old Town Ponce

May 1, 2010

The fishing boats headed out to begin the competition around 8:00am.   Michael and I got out the Bicycles and spent the day riding around Ponce.   We rode a couple of miles to the Plaza del Caribe Mall and found ourselves strolling in air conditioned abundance.   This was a typical American mall scene with masses of people everywhere and lines of people spilling from the banks located in the mall and then later at the check-out counters of the many stores.   You wouldn’t know there was a recession if you visited this mall.   Of course it is the 1st of the month and a Saturday so maybe it was more crowded than usual.  It felt strange and a bit overwhelming to the senses being surrounded by so much and so many after traveling in towns and countries with so little.  After cooling down at the mall we continued our ride into the heart of old town Ponce riding among and photographing the beautiful old buildings.    I had put my basket on my bike and we had brought the backpack so we stopped at a couple of stores and picked up a few items from our provisioning list.   When we got back to the boat, David and Trudie invited us to Persephone for Mojitos.    The sun was setting and we watched as the large sport fishing boats returned to the club a few sporting Marlin flags to signal that they had a successful day.   The Yacht and Fishing Club music and festivities continued that evening and well into the night.    It was surprising to see some of the some of the crew of the fishing yachts up so early the next morning  after partying so late the night before but up they were and on their way by 8:00am again the next day.

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