Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

La Parguera

April 27th & 28th, 2010

We left the bustle that is Boqueron at Sunrise and made our way around Cabo Rojo to the Little Town of La Parguera.    S/V Persephone had left the day before and found the town to be virtually closed down.   It had once been a place where, like Boqueron, college students would congregate on the weekends.    The residents of the town did not like many of the problems that came with hosting throngs of out of town partiers every weekend and so the town began instituting and the local police began enforcing a number of ordinances.  The hefty fines imposed produced the intended results and drove the party goers back to Boqueron.   We arrived to find a handful of souvenir kiosks and a couple of restaurants with just a few local people in them.   There were other restaurants and Bars along the main coastal road but none looked to be in business.    We walked around and looked for what was listed in the guidebooks as the local Mall where there was supposed to be a large grocery store and a post office.   We found the Mall with everything, including the Post Office, closed down completely and permanently.  We also asked where we might be able to purchase fuel and were told we had to go to the next town as the gas station has also closed down.    Like I said they got rid of all the undesirable behaviors including the annoyance of having to make a living.    That said it is a quaint and quiet little town with a small local convenience store where we picked up a few supplies.  The harbor is protected by a number of reefs that we had to navigate before we anchored just off the main ferry dock.   As soon as we dropped anchor we had a guest come aboard.  He was a Caribbean Martin and he thought the cavity in our boom looked like it might be a place to check out for nesting.   He came by to check out the boat 3 or 4 times and was kind enough to pose briefly for a photo before deciding that maybe nesting in a moving boat wasn’t the best place.    We along with our friends David and Trudie,  took the dinks out to explore.  There are many cute bungalows built on stilts over the water and painted bright colors.   We rode over to what is known as the 2nd Brightest Phosphorescent Bay in the world and explored the mangroves that surrounded it.  The roots of the mangroves are covered with oysters and Pelicans and other birds were abundant.  That evening we returned to the bay to see the phosphorescence.    The bay is best experienced on a new moon and we had arrived at the Full Moon but were still able to see the pale blue glow stirred up by the prop on the dingy motor as we did doughnuts in the calm waters.   The sky was dotted with just a few clouds that we kept hoping would cross the moon so we could see the phosphorescence a little better.   The evening breeze was just slightly cooler than the warm water that surrounded us and the experience was one of peace and quiet beauty.    A lovely evening to say the least!    We spent the better part of the next day swimming, fishing and exploring some of the reefs before a brief squall that loomed on the horizon drove us back to our boats.   Mike hung the Sunshade I had made for the cockpit and we had David and Trudie over for Nachos and a couple of Pina Coladas while we watched the sunset.

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