Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

Guilligans Island

April 29th, 2010

We left La Parguera and traveled east to an anchorage next to what is called Guilligans Island by locals after the 1970’s TV show.  I guess there used to be a local fisherman that looked a lot like the main character Bob Denver and the Island has a shallow bay where people come to lounge in the water sipping cool drinks.  They really understand how to beat the heat…..just don’t get out of the water.   The island has been equipped by the local parks service with picnic tables and brick BBQ’s for the enjoyment of visitors that bring their coolers and take the ¼ mile ferry ride over to the little Island on the weekends.     Mike and I traveled over to the Ferry dock and did a walk down the beach on the mainland side.   At the dock we were met by a black cat that kept crossing our path so we tempted fate and visited with him a few minutes.   We came upon Copamarina All Inclusive Resort and toured their beautifully manicured grounds.   We walked along the shore to the public beach where families were enjoying the beautiful weather and cool water.    We took Mighty Mouse over to Guilligans Island humming the theme song from the TV show and walked the couple of trails we found through the mangroves.   Supposedly a slave woman had escaped at one time and had swum over to the island and lived there undiscovered for many years.   It was hard for us to imagine anyone living on this Island with its tangle of mangroves and lack of fresh water.

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