Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

Ferro Bay

May 12, 2010

We travelled 4 miles east to Ferro Bay,  one of the 2 phosphorescent bays here on Vieques.  Our timing was much better to experience the beauty of this bay as we are only one day off of the new moon and the nights are very dark and the light pollution from the homes on the island is minimal.  We had the place to ourselves.   There were 3 other boats anchored back in the mangrove bay that looked to have been there for some time and were stripped for hurricane season.      We spent the day snorkeling the reef at the entrance to the bay and found them to be plentiful with corals and fish.   We even found a number of Hogfish which Mike says are great eating.    They were a bit on the small side so we left them to grow up.   After nightfall we took Mighty Mouse out for a sparkling cruise around the bay.    We played in the phosphorescence by placing our hands in the water as we motored around the bay.  It gave the appearance of greenish/yellow fireworks shooting from our fingertips across our hands and snaking up around our arms.   Matrix stuff and really cool.   We have also been able to see the Southern Cross from this latitude so we have enjoyed amazing light displays from above and below.   Wow!

Sorry No Pics…’ll have to use your imagination.


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