Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

Esperanza – Vieques

May 10, 2010

We made our way to the small town of Esperanza near Sun Bay on the southern side of Vieques.   We picked up a mooring in about 5 feet of water near the town pier.    We took mighty mouse over to the town and walked the main road next to the bay.  It is a quaint place with lots of small colorful  restaurants with names like Belly Buttons, Bananas, Joost, and Lazy Jacks.   There are also a number of tour companies offering scooter, & kayak rentals as we are close to the phosphorescent bays on this side of the island.  We walked through the small museum at the historical society featuring pictures of the early history of Vieques and a sampling of Taino Pottery and stone and shell tools.   After a brief rainstorm we were relaxing on the boat this afternoon and had a great photo op come our way.   Three young Paso Fino Ponies were loose and running and play fighting , running rearing up and nipping at each other on the beach right next to DD.  A rust and white pinto along with a smoky dun and an almost white dun.    They were joined by a small brown local dog who touched noses with them and then danced around them and they all played chase for about 5 minutes.   Mike grabbed his camara and began shooting and then switched to his telephoto lens to get a few close ups.  Why might you ask am I describing this scene for you in such detail when from where we stood it looked like we would have some great shots to share with you all!   Well, just as the Ponies and dog ran off into the trees, I remembered that Mike had called me from working on the blog where moments before he had handed me the card from his Camera to input his sunrise shots into the computer and in our delight and excitement of the moment we forgot to put it back in the camara.    Lesson Learned, transfer and then back into the camara immediately!

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