Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

Ensenada Honda

May 13 -15

We traveled another few miles east and made our way into a favorite anchorage of Michaels cruising friends, George and Paula Capra.   They loved Ensenada Honda and so we felt we needed see for ourselves what all the toodoo was about.   It has been a wonderful anchorage.   We spent many hours snorkeling & hunting the reefs and enjoyed a great meal of fresh Rock Hind on our first evening  there.  Our friends on S/V Persephone along with their guest, Mike caught up with us there when they heard we had also seen lobster.   The first evening together we enjoyed painkillers aboard S/V Persephone,  those of you who attended our wedding will remember our favorite rum drink.   We all went out together the next day and between the Michael and the David, the Orkin Man….we caught 5 bugs!  A wonderful  5 star dinner was enjoyed by both crews aboard DD.   Again great recommendation by George and Paula…….Thanks you two!  Got any more favorites we should see?


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