Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010


May 16 & 17

We left Ensenada Honda and even though the winds were predicted to blow around the 20 kt range out of the East…..they were expected to continue and even increase for the next few day and bring a number of thunderstorms as well .    Sooooo…..we plunged ahead and ploughed our way through 7-10 ft seas until we rounded the eastern end of Vieques and turned north where we were able to used the winds to our advantage and made great time up to the Island of Culebra.   On our way we rigged and trolled both fishing poles behind DD and again both pole were hit at the same time and we pulled in a couple of Little Tunny the smallest but most prevalent tuna in the Atlantic waters.    We picked up a mooring outside of the main bay of Dewey in a Marine Reserve here.   So no fishing off the boat for the next couple of days.    Mighty Mouse took us to town where we walked around for a bit to acquaint ourselves with the town.   Being Sunday,  most everything was closed but we did meet a local ExPat here who gave us the skinny on where to find good food, drink, & WiFi.   We stopped at Mamacita’s Bar and Grill and enjoyed a couple of beers, They will also sell cigarettes but discourage it as you can see.    On our way back to the boat we had a large Iguana swim by us.  The reefs off of the boat are shallow but very beautiful .   We enjoyed a great fresh Tuna Steak dinner.   Today,  well here I sit in the Pandeli, a very nice little coffeehouse and bakery, known for some great Cuban sandwiches and wonderful coffee and paistries taking advantage of their WiFi.  Michael is running errands,  while I bring you all up to date with the latest happenings of the last two weeks.     Sorry for the Delay but I do try to write daily so our experiences stay fresh in mind and then I post when I can.   Keep the feedback coming and I’ll continue to do my best to share our adventures when I am able.

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