Posted by: bearcruzer | May 17, 2010

Anthony Bordain eat your heart out!

On Thursday David and Trudie from S/V Persephone rented a car and drove down to Salinas from Ponce where they are still anchored awaiting the arrival a friend from the states.   We made arrangements to meet up with them and the Crew from the S/V Leahona, Mark and his lovely wife Willie.   Willie has family that lives here in Puerto Rico and knew a fantastic place up in the hills of Guavate that is known for a traditional Puerto Rican specialty, Roast Pork.   It felt strange moving along at highway speeds after traveling at the top speed of 6-7 kts for the last few months.   The terrain we drove through as we left the coast and headed into the interior of the Island reminded me of the hills of southern California in the springtime when it is green.  We then turned onto a windy road that led us deeper into the hills and into a verdant forest complete with large stalks of bamboo and vines hanging from the branches of the trees.   David, Trudie, Michael and I followed close on the heels of Mark and Willie as I don’t think we could have found our way there or back without help.   We pulled up to an open air pavilion/restaurant with gazebos and tables set next to a beautiful mountain stream.   We walked over to the front of the pavilion to order lunch and found ourselves face to face with a couple of large whole pigs tied to a spit over an open fire.   We placed our order for 3 lbs of pork to be shared between the 6 of us which they proceeded to remove from Porky via machete and serve up with a variety of other PR delicacies, Blood Sausage, Tostinos, Sweet Potato,  Pigeon Peas and Rice….etc.   But the Pork…….Wow,  juicy, tender, flavorful,  with bits of crispy pork skin to munch on as well.    Anthony Bordain always professed to be in heaven whenever he came across a great local place known for their roast pork, I now understand.  Eat your heart out Tony!    Lunch that day was also reminiscent of the traditional Caribbean fare served by our good friend Eddie at our damp but delightful wedding reception this last summer in the mountains of Pagosa Springs.   If was a great afternoon of shared stories and great food.   Thanks Mark and Willie for inviting us to experience this PR Specialty!

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