Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Shaggy’s, Luperon, DR

We have chosen Shaggy’s Bar as our favorite Luperon hangout.    The Cervezas Grandes are always cold and at the ready and the food is excellent and reasonably priced.    It is referred to by its many loyal patrons as Luperons Livingroom.   After you have been there a few times you may be able to serve yourself  which is just what you would expect if you were at home.     Shaggy, whose real name is Sean,  is the owner, bartender, cook, etc.  He caters to the Cruising & Tourist community and he and David have become good friends in the short time David and Trudy have been here. (I encourage you all to read David’s Blog of Shaggy’s for an even more elaborate and colorful description of our experiences there)    Shaggy’s is named after the Scooby Doo Character and Sean looks a lot like Shaggy, don’t you think?   The bar is even painted yellow, blue, and green just like the Mystery Mobile.   His food is great and his beer prices reasonable.   Mike has been able to barter with him for food and drink in exchange for a quart of bottom paint that we had onboard.  His beautiful girlfriend Camilla is an accomplished Musician.    One evening in particular after returning from our day in Puerto Plata, we stopped to have a nightcap…..we ended up closing the bar and got to hear not only Camilla play her guitar and sing also were treated to a performance by Trudie, who is a trained Opera Singer.  She stood and sang Ave Maria accapella.  She has an incredible voice that was not only appreciated by all of us but also appealed to Shaggy’s dog Willow who at was asleep under the table.   When Trudie began singing Willow got up, walked across the bar and sat in front of her and joined her with a long howling bark.  Trudie finished her song and we all cheered.   She told us she thought that might happen.  She said that many times when she sings both birds and animals of all kinds join in.

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