Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Same Day Different Rescue!

After such an busy morning, we had headed back to DD for Lunch.   Rain had begun to fall but even that did not deter the masses of people enjoying themselves on the beach.  The music continued to blare and in fact we noticed that there was a large gathering of scouts now massing on the shore.    It was then that we saw the coast guard boat filled with crew slowly cruising up and down the beach.  It appeared that they were keeping the jet skiers and other watercraft out of an area right between DD and the beach.    It was then we heard a helicopter approaching and a radio transmission that they were inbound.     We watched as a Red US Coast Guard Helicopter flew about 3 circles around DD.   (Later on of course we would hear from Persephone asking us what sort of trouble we had caused that required the dispatch of so many Coast Guard personnel) We could see someone in the water but it did not appear that anyone was in distress.    We realized this was an exercise for the benefit of the Scouting Jamboree.   The Helicopter hovered directly in front of us approximately 25 ft over the swimmer.  The wind and spray that was generated from the helicopters rotors was intense.    It was then that a Coast Guard Frogman jumped from the helicopter into the water along with the swimmer.    A rescue basket was lowered and the swimmer was loaded and pulled to up to safety.    A rescue sling was then lowered and the frogman was pulled out of the water and rejoined the rest of his crew aboard the Helicopter.   It was impressive to watch especially having a front row seat as we did.   The helicopter did one last circle around DD and a slow cruise up the beach.   The cheering of the scouts could be heard over the drone of its engine and we applauded as well.    As a fitting end to a day filled with rescues, we were treated that evening to a fireworks display and live music coming from the Park.    The rain had abated and we sat in our hammock on the deck under starry skies and enjoyed a wonderful end to a very eventful day.

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