Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Hospitality continues!

After a great nights sleep and our wonderful encounter with Umberto we added the additional jugs of diesel to our tanks and motored on the additional 12 miles to Boqueron.   We dropped anchor and jumped overboard to cool off and swim.   The water was a chilly 87 degrees……Aaaaaahhhhh!      We took Mighty Mouse over to the local dingy dock and took a walk around the town.   An older local gentleman spoke to us in Spanish and when we asked him in Espanol to speak slower he immediately switched to English and told us it would begin raining soon.  When we asked when he said about 15 minutes.  He was right on the money and so we stood in the doorway of a local bar as the storm passed.    We continued our walk down the beach and around the town and covered about 4 miles.   It was a great walk (in flip flops, of course).    As we walked down the dingy dock we met Julio.  He was raised here in Puerto Rico but also lives in New Orleans.   He just recently retired as an engineer and was back here visiting family and trying to figure out where he wants to spend part of the year.   He told us about a great local place to eat and to try the Mufungo, a local dish made with mashed plantains and filled with seafood.   He said he would be going there with his sister, brother-in-law, & girlfriend.   We decided we would take his recommendation and headed over to D’Tapas Restaurante.   The Mufungo was delicious.   We saw Julio and he called us over to his table to meet his girlfriend , his family and his friend Edmundo.   We were invited to sit with them and immediately had a beer in our hand.  We enjoyed a number of drinks and some terrific conversation.  Julio’s girlfriend Margarita is retired Navy and had some great stories and a wonderful laugh.   Julio’s sister Maritza and her Husband Armando own an Oyster Bar about 45 minutes north of Boqueron in Isabela.  By the end of the evening we had been extended an invitation to visit them in Isabela to hear them sing.  They are not only the proprietors but also the live entertainment on Friday nights.  They also offered to put us up in their beachside bungalow.   Again….what wonderful hospitality!  We exchanged contact information and if we stay around through next week we may take them up on their offer.

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