Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Exploring Luperon

I had better get to writing these memories before they fade….. Luperon had a number of cooler days so we entertained ourselves by exploring locally by dingy and on foot.     We spent some time walking around town and picking up some local fare and sampling the delicacies of the local Bakery.   The people are beautiful and the children are happy and well looked after.    We cruised around in Mighty Mouse and tied up to the dock at the Puerto Blanco Yacht Club.   One of the yachts that was docked there was an Allied Mistress.   This is the type of boat Mike had previously used to cruise the Caribbean.    Ed and Brenda, the boats new owners, purchased the boat sight unseen and were attempting to make her ready to travel back to the US in just under 45 days.    As we proceeded up to the Yacht club we were met by 3 young puppies.   They were really cute so we sat with them a while and got our pet fix.   We were kept busy by participating in a few of the local get togethers around Luperon.   Thursday we had dinner at the Yacht Club and played a round of Triva with many of the ExPats and other Yachties who have made Luperon their home or extended stay.    Friday night is Karaoke at Puerto Blanco Marina.  After our nightmarish experience with karaoke on our Trip to Thailand a few years ago, we normally would avoid the place at all costs.   However, we were told by our friend Sean (Shaggy), that it was the happening night in Luperon and he and Camilla were closing Shaggys for the evening to attend.   So we found ourselves donning our raingear and braving the elements to enjoy an evening of conversation and music that varied from Disco to Meringue to Oldies.  The DJ seemed to be a local Icon and the crowd was a mix of locals, expats, and yachties.  Everyone seemed to have a great time and for the most part I did not have to break out the earplugs.

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