Posted by: bearcruzer | April 26, 2010

Boqueron April 25

I spent this morning doing laundry in the Sputnik, our hand-crank washing machine, while Mike did a tune up on Mighty Mouse’s engine after his rescue yesterday.   We met up with Chuck, Lolin, and some other mutual friends, Patty and John from S/V Ahinga and Terry from Galloway’s Restaurant, at 5:00pm and drove up to Chucks home.  His house sits on a hillside lot surrounded by 300 acres of farmland.   The views are spectacular and we looked out over the verdant hills and farmland to Boqueron harbor and North to Puerto Real.    We watched the cattle grazing below his home and listened to the calls of numerous birds and watched a majestic peacock foraging under one of the many mango trees that abound here.    Lolin said that, occasionally they see monkeys.  There are 3 different species.   These are not indigenous to the island but escaped from a research facility, 15 -20 years ago and have established a colony.    Another couple of Chucks friends came by and so because Chuck has been away from home for the last 6 months, we were treated to an evening of conversation ripe with all the gossip of the local community.     We have been invited by Lolin to come see her farm outside of Mayaguez and participate in a Tango Lesson this week.    Our social calendar will definitely be full should we decide to stay in Boqueron for a few more days    However, the call of the sea as she whispers her promises of the beauty and mysteries  of other places is always there in our imaginations and encouraging us not to become too settled and entices us ever onward.

View from Chuck's Home

Up on the Roof!


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